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How many green vegetables did you eat today? Give it a bit of a count… I’ll wait. Personally, by 11am this morning, I had a croissant and a bit of mint (organic! fair-trade!) chocolate. Possibly dying of scurvy, I decided to make myself a green juice. I’m usually pretty good at eating tons of vegetables, but after coming back from a trip, I still hadn’t restocked my fridge. So off I went to the grocery store and replenished the shelves with enough to make a sin-erasing green juice.

This one is a pretty mild and if you’re nervous about drinking more intense bitter greens like kale or chard, you’ll probably like it. Sweet, tastes delicious and chock full of healthy things. It’s like a starter green juice – perfect for me after a week of vacation eating, and a good introduction if you’re new to green juicing.


If your juicer allows you the option to have more or less fibre in your juice, opt for the one with more (larger holes) to maximize the amount you’re getting. I use an Omega-Vert, and it has two strainers. I always use the one that allows more of the fibre to come through. One of the criticisms that you hear sometimes about juicing is that the fibre is lost, so keep some of it in your juice with the larger filter. You want to aim for about 25-35g per day.

Check out the ejection compartment in your juicer as well. See all the leftover dry fibrous bits? They don’t have to go into the green bin – you can use them as a base for your next vegetable stock. Another great option I just heard about from a juice-fan was to use the bits to form into little patties, and fry them up. That probably works best for juices that don’t have a lot of fruit in them, so I’ll be sure to give it a try soon and report back. If you’ve done it before, let me know how it went!


There’s some great nutrients in this one, including Vitamin A, Potassium, Folic Acid (one beet has 22% DV!), Iron, Vitamin C (1c of plums has 26% DV!), and Vitamin K. Not to mention the liver detoxing effects of the lemon and immune boosting ginger.

8 leaves romaine lettuce

1 yellow beet

1 pear

2 plums

1/2″ ginger

1/2 lemon

Add everything except the lemon to juicer.

Add juice of 1/2 lemon to your juice blend.



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