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BEET & PLUM JUICE: Liver Detox

Your liver is pretty important. By filtering over a litre and a half of blood per minute, it takes all the toxins and harmful things that get put into your body and flushes them out. It’s basically your Molly Maid. If your liver wasn’t working, you’d be living in the physical equivalent of a house from Hoarders. Well, that, and you’d die since you can’t live without a functioning liver.

It does a lot of other things as well – produces bile to help you digest, biochemicals and hormones, proteins that go towards making plasma and helps with blood clotting. Not only vital to looking and feeling healthy, but pretty key to just being alive in general. So it stands to reason that we should do something nice for it, after all that hard work it does clearing out the excesses of nights overindulging and daily exposure to toxins. The American Liver Foundation even goes so far to say that “Anything that keeps your liver from doing its job may put your life in danger.” Yikes!

beet juice

I think I’ll call her Beetrice (see what I did there?).

So how do we give our liver a good scrub? 


Beets are a well-known and efficient liver detoxifier. Among the many vitamins and minerals beets contain, pectin and betaine do the heavy lifting when it comes to cleaning house. Pectin is a physical scrub brush, and a good reason to use the strainer on your juicer that allows for some of that fibre to come through. Betaine is an antioxidant that encourages the liver to get rid of toxins, lowers inflammation and protects the bile ducts.


Lemon is also a powerful detoxer and having 1/2 a lemon in a glass of water in the morning before eating is probably one of the easiest ways to do some daily maintenance on your liver. They have tons of Vitamin C, and the high acidity helps break down fat. When your body metabolizes lemon, it become alkaline which is what you want to help your body stay at a healthy pH level. Other citrus that become alkaline are lime, tangerine and mandarines, so switch it up or make different combinations to keep it interesting.


Not only great as a natural anti-nausea solution, ginger can be used to help detox the liver as well. Even something as simple as boiling some water and pouring it over some grated ginger to make tea will go a long way to helping keep your liver healthy and happy. But paired with lemon and beets in this juice, you have a powerhouse of a cleanser.

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BEET & PLUM JUICE: Liver Detox

Try and use organic if possible, especially if you’re using this as a liver cleanser.

1 large red beet

1/2″ fresh ginger

3 yellow plums

6 leaves romaine lettuce

3 leaves black kale

1/2 lemon

Throw everything except the lemon in the juicer.

Squeeze the lemon into the finished juice and enjoy your freshened up liver!


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