YOGA IN BALI: Bringing back some new tricks

yoga in bali

Picture swiped from Radiantly Alive’s Facebook page – my future.

Well, it’s finally confirmed! I am registered for my Yoga teacher training course, and since the deposit came off my Visa already, that makes it official. I’ll be leaving cold gray Toronto for warm green Bali at the end of March. The training is about a month long and from what I understand, fairly intensive. The hours are 6:30am – 9:30pm every day (4 days off) and has a solid anatomy section. All music to my ears. I learn best when I’m immersed head first into a situation and have to absorb it all at once.

I’m pretty excited to throw myself into learning a lot of new information, and blending it together with my Pilates training. Joseph Pilates used some yoga moves when he started formulating what would become the Pilates¬†technique¬†that we know today, so it will be interesting to see where and why the differences lie in the two methods.

anatomy in bali

Another swiped shot. Anatomy class in the jungle – yes please.

In addition to the yoga training, just getting back out to South East Asia is exciting on its own. Before the training starts, I’m going to try and organize some volunteer work in Laos, Vietnam and Thailand. I’ve never been that lie-on-the-beach kind of person, so having an activity that benefits the people there will be great for me, and hopefully helpful for them.

coconuts on the beach

I promise to have lots of my own pics when I get back.

While I’m overseas, I’ll also be looking into locations that could work as retreat sites for next year. Would you like to take yourself away on a trip full of delicious healthy food, daily Yoga and Pilates sessions, massages, palm trees and meditation? If you have any favourite countries, let me know and I’ll try to find a suitable location!

I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to spend some intensive time together in a place free of the distractions of work, family, traffic, weather and chores. It’s important both physically and emotionally to give yourself a break, recharge and then come back well equipped to get back to the important things in your life.

yoga adjustments

I’m already feeling more relaxed.

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